H.E. Denise Tshisekedi

First Lady of the DRC

About the Founder

Appointed UNFPA Goodwill Ambassador in May 2019, for the fight against gender-based violence and the empowerment of women, H.E. Denise Nyakeru Tshikedi was also named “World Champion for the Prevention of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence” by the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in charge of this matter, in December 2019.

A Word from the President

“I propose to be the voice of all those who cry in silence, not without pain and suffering, and I propose that each of us, wherever we are, speak out and make others speak out about the violence of which we are victims. Yes, let’s banish the taboo and speak out even louder than before so that no other woman is broken by violence in all its forms.

I will always be at the side of women and girls, in order to give them an opportunity to contribute fully to the real development of our country, the Democratic Republic of Congo.

No emancipation, no development, no intelligence, no innovation can be achieved without first laying the foundations of Love as a bedrock (…)

The struggle for gender equality cannot be completed without work.

Only the hard, personal and supervised work of each of us will bring this struggle to the desired level.


About the Foundation

The Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi Foundation dreams of a Congolese society in which each woman is considered at her true value, an indispensable asset whose potential is fully recognised for her development, that of her family and that of the entire community. The Foundation's mission is to silence the prejudices surrounding the status of women in the DRC and thus aspire to an egalitarian society.

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The financial empowerment of Congolese women, which is the last link in the chain, because only a healthy, well-educated woman who is free from all forms of violence can claim to contribute to the development of her nation


Education of girls, especially from disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds.


Health is the foundation of any effective policy. Since its creation, the FDNT has made maternal and child health the first of its four major areas of intervention.


The fight against all forms of violence that destroy the image of women and girls and thus tend to devalue them.